Luardos Mexican Street Food at the Gipsy Queen

Established in 2007, Luardos have been selling burritos and tacos from their two Citroen H Vans, “Jesus” and “Mary” at markets across London and festivals across the UK. Winners of Taco Wars and British Street Food Awards. The Gipsy Queen is our first pub residency and we’re very excited to be cooking here.

Our Mexican Street Food is available Monday – Thursday: 5pm till 10pm. Friday & Saturday: 12 midday – 10pm. Tables are available without booking, but we’d always advise to book in advance as things can get quite busy!


12cm corn tortilla w/ avocado salsa (mild) / salsa roja (hot), coriander, onions, lime wedge

Chicken £3.50

Steak £4.00

Pork £3.50

Vegetarian – V/Ve £3.50

Prawn taco -12cm corn tortilla, beer battered king prawns, mango salsa, chipotle mayo, slaw £4



12 inch toasted tortilla, Monterey Jack cheese, rice, pinto beans, fresh coriander, tomato salsa, lettuce and sour cream. Comes with home made tortilla chips, guacamole + mexican slaw

Chicken £12.50

Pork £12.50

Steak £13.50

Vegetarian – V/Ve £11.50

Burrito Bowls

Romaine Lettuce, pinto beans, rice, mexican slaw, queso fresca, tomato salsa, pink onions, pepitas, guacamole, fresh coriander.

Chicken £9.50

Pork £9

Steak £10.50

Vegetarian £8.50


Crispy fried flour tortilla filled with melted cheese, red peppers, red onions, fresh coriander. Comes with fresh tomato salsa, mild and hot sauces and sour cream

Chicken £9

Pork £8.50

Steak £10

Vegetarian £8

Add a side £3/4*


Totopos – Homemade tortilla chips and guacamole £5*

Cassava fries w/ mango salsa and chipotle mayo £4.50*

Mexican ‘slaw £3.50

Fries £3.50


Please ask your server for our selection of today’s desserts

grilled chicken thighs in an roasted garlic, ancho and guajillo chilli marinade

Dingley Dell pork shoulder slow cooked and pulled

Dedham Vale bavette steak grilled w/ cumin & garlic

Sweet potato roasted with smoked paprika & thyme V/Ve

Please let us know about any allergies before ordering