Japanese street food by Sho Foo Doh at The Gipsy Queen. Please note that this menu is reviewed regularly and subject to change


Edamame w/ garlic & scotch bonnet (vg) £4

Cucumber pickles w/ sesame vinegar (vg) £4

Vegan Gyoza w/chilli oil vinegar (vg) £5.50

Deep fried chicken wings w/ponzu, honey, aonori & chilli £6

Sesame panko crusted deep fried cauliflower w/ mirin & soy (vg) £6


Panko fried tofu, daikon pickles, mayo, hoisin, sriracha, mint & coriander (v) £8

Panko fried sardines, house tartare & hispi cabbages £8

Japanese Fried Chicken, kimchi mayo & icebergs £9


Plain (vg) £3

W/ Yakisoba sauce, kewpie mayo, aonori & bonito flakes £4.50

W/ Szechuan pork mince £6

Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki (Friday & Saturday Only)

“There are a few different okonomiyaki styles in different regions in Japan. The most popular and well-known one worldwide is the Osaka-style, which is a more doughy pancake where all the ingredients are mixed into the batter. Hiroshima-style on the other hand is more layered, starting with a thin crepe, house made dried fish mix(except vegetarian okonomiyaki of course), loads of vitamin K boosting cabbages, beanshoots, egg noodles, an omelette with okonomiyaki brown sauce, mayo and scallions on top. ” Fumio Tanga 2017

Pork, Kimchi & Cheddar £12.50

Oyster Mushroom, Cheddar & Benishoga (v)* £12.50

*Vegan version can be made with udon noodles instead of egg noodles, no mayo, no Cheddar and no omelette

Rice (served with green salad)

Stewed Pork, Daikon & Nitamago Egg on Rice £12.50

Please let us know about any allergies before ordering