Our Sunday menu is freshly prepared by Sho Foo Doh.

Tables are usually available without booking, but if you wish to book in advance please head over to our bookings page.

Below is a sample menu, we may make minor changes day-to-day


Edamame, garlic & scotch bonnet (vg) £4

Cucumber, sesame & black vinegar (vg) £4

Deep fried chicken wings, ponzu, honey, aonori seaweed & chilli £6

Sesame panko crusted deep fried cauliflower (vg) £6

Guchujan tuna, avocado, mayo on crispy gyoza skin £7.50  


Rare roast rump of British beef, Yorkshire pudding & wasabi cream £17

Slow roast pork belly, Yorkshire pudding, crackling, burnt apple sauce & pear gravy £15

Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding & pear gravy £15

Shiitake natto nut roast, port, porcini & marmite gravy (vg) £15

All roasts served with lemon grass roast potatoes, mandarin carrots & greens


Fries (vg) £3

Cauliflower cheese & Japanese karashi mustard (v) £6


Apple Galette served with cardoman cream
serves two, or one if you’re feeling brave (v) (gf) £8

Sample menu as of August 2020. The menu may vary from week to week.
Ask your server for information regarding allergens.